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Depression therapy

Emotional pain can be one of the most disrupting experiences that can occur to any one’s quality of life. Feelings can span a wide spectrum beginning with a state of discomfort and continuing towards out right physical pain. Naturally, these feelings can originate from either internal/clinical factors and/or environmental / situational circumstances. The common labels which we have given for these feelings include: anxiety; depression; fear or phobias; anger and bitterness; disappointments; losses; humiliation; defeat; etc. Most emotional disorders can be corrected utilizing psychotherapy and when necessary, psychiatric medications. Most people will acknowledge that they experience occasional episodes of some form of emotional problem. However, these situations tend to be fleeting, and the individual is able to return to their normal emotional state. However, interventions are recommended when individuals experience long continuous bouts of serious emotional problems with no end in sight. Such chronic states can easily lead to additional collateral problems leaving the individual languishing and feeling completely helpless and out of control. Desperate measures may be attempted to resolve these situations which can frequently prove futile sending the individual at an ever increasing pace into a downward spiral. If the situation becomes too dangerous, the individual may have to be hospitalized.

Life History Questionnaire

Interview: Self Reported Information

Psychological Tests

Assessment of available resources; Both personal and Situational

Persistent filtering out of a positive experience

Consistent negative interpretations

Form of Delusions

Situational Vs Clinical Depression

Enhancing Self-esteem

Learning to revise current situation interpretation

Addressing catastrophic thinking

Changing helplessness into power

Changing hopelessness into possibilities

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