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Couples and marriage distress therapy

Couples experiencing distress in their relationship frequently discover their attempts at resolution are either ineffective or sometimes even exacerbates the situation. Blame starts to be tossed around in “buckets” as to who is most at fault. Continued conflict results in the polarization of opposing positions. One or both of the individual within the couple begins to sense a greater degree of entrapment. Couple distress can become sufficiently intense, leaving partners wondering whether there is a future for their relationship.

Life History Questionnaire

One Joint Session with the couple

Individual Sessions with each partner

Presenting Problem is formulated

It is imperative that partners feel heard and validated while sharing their input with regards to conflicts. In general, the following questions need to be addressed: How distressed is the couple? How committed is this couple to the relationship? What major issues divide the couple? Why are these issues a problem for them? What strengths keep the couple together? What can treatment do to help them?

Identify major stresses

Problem solving skills

Five languages of Love

Rebuilding the seven pillars of a Love Relationship

Learning the rules of engagement

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