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Anxiety Disorder Therapy

Anxiety is defined as a pervasive feeling of dread, apprehension and impending disaster. These feelings are usually in response to an undefined or unknown threat which in many cases stems from unconscious conflicts, feelings of insecurity or forbidden impulses within ourselves. Because anxiety is characterized by this fear of future misfortune, the body mobilizes itself to meet this potential threat such as an increase in one’s pulse, muscles become tense and breathing becomes faster often observed during a “panic attack.” Long periods of subtle anxiety can leave the individual drained of energy and perpetually tired. Severe anxiety may resemble a panic disorder.

Life History Questionnaire

Interview: Self Report

Mental Status

An assessment regarding the specific features surrounding your anxiety are carefully examined. Some conditions may be the result of situational factors, while others are more profound.

In addition anxiety is determined by be:

  • Clinical (Substantial neurological contributor to anxiety)
  • Situational (Anxiety is directly related to certain types of situations)
  • PSTD (anxiety is a bi-product of historical events)
  • Its a fear of something

    Its frequently a triggered response

    Its manifests itself often through avoidance

    It is found mentally a sense of being out of control

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