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Addictive/Compulsive Disorder

Behavior labeled “compulsive” presents serious problems to many individuals. Though society on occasion may regard some variants of compulsive behavior as semi acceptable, (workaholics; perfectionists; micromanagers) individuals who find themselves victim to any type of compulsiveness suffer a type of enslavement that can be highly tortuous. Many compulsive types have a strong irrational, ritualistic and uncontrollable characteristic. Addictive cravings, though not necessarily irrational or ritualistic, nevertheless compel an individual to repetitively seek some form of immediate gratification on a never ending basis. Examples would include gambling, eating, sexual activity, video games, stealing, smoking, etc. These cravings are usually characterized by a physical and/ or a psychological dependency. Compulsive / addictive behavior are predictably repetitive and appear out of the control by the individual. However, they potentially respond well to therapy.

Life History Questionnaire

Initial interview and Mental Status

Anxiety assessment protocols

Identification of problem behavior re-inforcement

Driven Behavior

Its ritualistic

Its a behavior that fills a prevailing sense of emptiness or anxiety

Addictive Compulsive Behavior often is a more about finding relief then achieving and experience

Cognitive behavioral therapy


Summary or ritual behavior

Behavioral therapy - addressing extinguishing techniques

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