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A unique and personalized
treatment approach

As a provider, we are totally focused on who our client is and their life experience. Most importantly, we listen to why they decided to seek therapy. Our approach is to listen intently to each individual's story, and then to construct a picture of their life that captures their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

It is important that clients understand the difference between what they can change and what they can't. When it has been identified what they need to change within their daily experience, therapy then focuses on teaching strategies and skills that will bring greater effectiveness.


  • We Genuinely Care
  • Each provider has own unique personal therapy skills experience
  • It's not all about what we can make but what we can do for you
  • We are real people with experience's in what we offer


  • Change Behavior's
  • Coping Skills
  • Find inner happiness
  • Talk to someone
  • Deal with everyday life stresses

Why consider therapy?

Has life become overwhelmingly complex? Does your life seem filled with conflict? Do you struggle with persistent painful emotions? Have you found yourself entrapped by bad habits?

If you are troubled by any of these concerns, you might want to think about consulting with a psychologist. People live life to be "ALIVE"... to be fully energized, satisfied and happy! However, times and circumstances may bring pain and hurt. Some know why... and are able to correct the problem. Others may know the problem but are unable to make proper adjustments. Still others are confused and overwhelmed and seek direction and the skills and tools to enable them to return to living that full and meaningful life. Therapy not only examines each client's inward journey (our thoughts and feelings) but also their outward journey (social interactions) and how these inward and outward experiences are intricately interwoven into complimentary outcomes. Naturally, immediate problem solving is an important objective of therapy, but insight, long term personal skill building and thinking tool enhancement are also essential steps towards a return to that fulfilling life experience and successful future.

What to expect

When clients come to our team of counselors for psychotherapy, they are seeking a psychologist who has the skills, the tools and the road map that can return them to a life of hope, confidence and energy.

People who want help expect results. They seek a clear explanation of the problem, a sensible course of treatment from a professional, educated psychologist that steers them towards an expected outcome that can improve and enhance their life. At Livingston Psychological Services, treatment begins with the gathering of background and historical information. In addition, should a psychological test be recommended, those results are combined with a thorough interview that will contribute to defining the nature of the problem and the outline further steps toward therapeutic achievements.


  • Help in the services your seeking
  • Fast, Friendly Customer Service
  • Availability to fit your schedules
  • A positive outcome


  • 100% insurance verification on most insurance's
  • In and Out of Network Services available
  • Please know Deductible or injury Staff if assistance needed
  • Insurance does not pay for No Show Charges

Heath insurance plans

Participating Insurance Coverages for patients receiving services from Livingston Psychological Services

Livingston Psychological Services is a registered provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans which include: BCBS Traditional; BCBS PPO; and Blue Care Network. Additional Plans include: Aetna; PHP (Physicians Health Plan); HAP.; Beacon Health; and Magellan

Many Health Care Plans allow their policy holders to seek services from “Out-of- Network” providers. Make certain that your Health Care Plan allows for “Out-of- Network” providers in those cases where Livingston Psychological Services is not one of their designated providers.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Health Care Plans are known as HMO’s which mean they have a designated pool of professional health care providers from which they expect their policy holders to choose. It is the responsibility of the Health Care Plan policy holder to check with their respective health care policy to determine whether Livingston Psychological Services is covered by their Health Care Plan.

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