Mary Spence, PhD, LLD

30+ Years of experience

Expert in children's psychology


General Information: With over 30 years experience in working with children, Dr. Spence is well suited for helping with both diagnostic and therapeutic needs for children. She is widely versed in interventions for children with ADHD, ASD, and mood regulation issues along with helping with behavioral disorders. She has extensive experience in working in school settings, highly knowledgeable in Special Education cases and the laws surrounding educational access and disability. Also experienced in forensic evaluations when a child's status is in question.

Approach: Dr. Spence incorporates mindfulness practices into therapeutic approaches to improve self-awareness and management of thoughts and emotions. Basic attention training is a key component of mindfulness practices and they are a regular part of each session. Depending on the age of the child, play-based activities are often used to introduce concepts that may be difficult for younger children to grasp in more language based approaches. She works with a real curiosity about the individual’s likes and dislikes, often blending them into to the lessons and strategies she teaches. This allows for easy integration into the person’s life. Parents are encouraged to be active agents in the child/adolescent’s treatment plan, with partial sessions with parents and their child and individual parent sessions from time to time when they are warranted. Dr.Spence regularly consults with others in the child/adolescent’s life to assist with coordination of services when parents consent.