Brian Phillips, NP

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Nurse Practitioner


General Information: Good mental health care begins with listening to my patients. Expect a thorough 60 minute diagnostic evaluation and comprehensive follow-up. As a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I think of myself as a passionate nurse, care-giver, and patient advocate first, and a prescriber second. For years I have worked in private practice as well as an incarceration environment and have been fortunate to attend many conferences and continuing education forums to stay on the cutting edge of psychiatric medicine and approaches to mental health care.

I will employ an evidenced-based approach to medication recommendations, and integrate the latest scientific research into my prescribing as well as suggesting lab tests, referral for further neuro-psychological testing, or to involve other medical specialists when appropriate. I work closely with your talk therapist at Livingston Psychological to optimize a multimodal approach to your mental health care.

Having worked in a maximum security prison in addition to private practice, I've treated many difficult co-occurring disorder cases to remission. I have treated patients facing issues ranging from severe ADHD to end-of-life and existential crises. I have worked with many patients who identify as LBGTQIA, and those with gender identity concerns. I have treated patients with co-morbid substance use disorders, borderline personality disorder, and those with physical, emotional, or sexual trauma. I feel that medications can be an important aspect of treatment for patients suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and mood swings, but it is often a multimodal approach, including the right psychotherapeutic interventions, which help patients achieve symptom remission.